Protected: Content is still king & why Robby Gordon’s Stadium Super Trucks is still the best bang for the buck in motorsports.

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Microstrategy Bitcoin Playbook

Protected: Get Savage on DeFi

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NASCAR and DeFi are a match made in heaven.

You are going to start seeing a lot of DeFi paint schemes coming down the pipe. If you are confused about the DeFi revolution, essentially Bitcoin is approaching (some say has) mass adoption. With political upheaval, an uncertain dollar, and the increasing scarcity of bitcoins as the markets are beginning to hedge on the BTC.…

The NASCAR paint schemes nobody ever saw.

Looking through an old hard drive that I know I have bitcoin I purchased back in 2014. I hope I can find them. In the meantime enjoy these schemes I did while working over at Hendrick Motorsports.

2020 Baja 1000 Race Recap Hugo Edition

The Hugo’s did a great job of compiling and shooting this Robby Gordon 2020 Baja 1000 recap video. Having been in the helicopter, they did a very nice job of blending the ground shots with the aerial footage I shot on the Sony AX53. There are more expensive cameras, but the inboard stabilization is pretty…