NASCAR Next Now: Class Reunion Part 2 | Old stories from the track

Seeing these guys review a video I produced years ago with the NASCAR NEXT program was a pleasant surprise.

Ridin’ Dirty

This is one of my favorite videos I made and not for the production value. I think the opening shot I got from an off-limits location at Eldora did it for me. Plus Bubba in a cornfield.

Black & White Hero Cards

Hero card for a hero

A hero card created for then 17yr old Bubba Wallace while driving for the NASCAR diversity program called Revolution Racing.

A big day for Bubba.

Bubba’s first words to me while working with Revolution Racing (now Rev Racing) were: You’re my new PR bitch. A confident 6413 day old Darrell Wallace Jr. Wrong I told him. You’re your new PR bitch. I was right.