One of the processes I developed over the years was creating a 3d workspace that mimicked the standard artboards used in motorsports (especially NASCAR) which in a sense allows rapid prototyping of liveries.

Essentially the ‘skin’ is laid out in vector (Adobe Illustrator) and explored to a .jpg which is mapped in 3ds Max. This allows for the realtime ability to see how a design looks.

Above was a 7 angle view. Over the years I wish I had saved every variation however it would have been in the thousands. A little tweak here. A little tweak there. Change the number. Shift the logo.

While the process was new over at Hendrick Motorsports, I had been doing it for years.

Ridin’ Dirty

This is one of my favorite videos I made and not for the production value. I think the opening shot I got from an off-limits location at Eldora did it for me. Plus Bubba in a cornfield.

Dakar Media

Watching this really well done Dakar highlights package reminded me of how far the media landscape has changed – especially amongst the current insurrection crisis.

Back in 2006, the ASO did not allow the teams to ‘broadcast’ themselves. Every aspect of producing a video of the Dakar Rally back in those days was unheard of for a team. Any attempt was basically met with extortion.

We cleared those hurdles back in those days by insisting we were creating ‘video race reports’ (that and Robby Gordon can maneuver the ASO) and turning requested media over to them (Onboard footage).

It is great to see the fabric of the story wove into these packages more frequently. The teams have some of the best views. This is what makes this one of the best events in the world and it is only going to get better.

Who knows, one day when SpaceX fires up its Starlink, the off-road racing community may experience exponential growth. The racing is substantially more dynamic than traditional racing on the eyes IMHO.

Check out some of my old school Dakar Videos or the first video I ever ‘edited’.

Concept to Reality


2016 Hendrick Motorsports Paint Schemes

2017 Hendrick Motorsports Paint Schemes

2018 Hendrick Motorsports Paint Schemes

2019 Hendrick Motorsports Paint Schemes

Even though I was no longer at Hendrick Motorsports, these designs were completed in 2018

Past Livery

Some liveries from the cube over at Hendrick Motorsports. One of my personal favorites was the Great Cips jeans car which was created in vector.

Speed UTV Glamis Test 4K



Desert Testing El Diablo