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With over 70 hours of livestream footage from Speed UTV live streams, the task of finding common topics over the 100-plus episodes seemed daunting. Enter Davinci Resolve Beta 18.5. While it is not uncommon to edit from text the integration into this version made it much simpler to scour hours of video in order to tell a story. Here is one of safety.

Livestreaming the Thrills of Off-Road Racing: A Glimpse into the Future of Desert Racing.

Introduction: Off-road racing has always been a thrilling spectacle, captivating enthusiasts with its adrenaline-fueled action and rugged terrain challenges. Starlink has revolutionized the viewing experience in the dynamic world of motorsports by live streaming directly from the cars of legendary racers Robby Gordon and Max Gordon at the 2023 NORRA 1000 event. Harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology, we combined the Starlink Mobility dish, Yolobox Live, and GoPro cameras to…

Live Streaming from Your Off-Road or Race Vehicle: The Ultimate Guide

The world of off-road and motorsports is more exciting than ever, and with the rise of live streaming, it’s now possible to share that excitement with a global audience. Whether competing in a UTV race, hitting the dunes in your sand car, or tackling the most challenging terrain in a rally raid, live streaming is a great way to bring your fans along. In this article, we’ll look at…

Speed Stack

I’m proud to have been a part of the development of the speed UTV stack, which includes, speed tools, and speed energy. Using WordPress multi-sites on an AWS EC2 server, I brought these sites together and funneled them into I played a vital role in the design and functionality of the site, including handling backend and frontend development, graphics, logos, photography, copywriting, and video production. My efforts…

Speed UTV. Designed for Earth. Episode 100

It’s been exactly 1000 days since Robby Gordon announced the Speed UTV project at the 2019 Sand Sports Super Show. In a Facebook and youtube series well over 100 videos long (including testing), Speed UTV has shared the covid challenging path to production in what will be the best UTV in the power sports industry. In his Asia tour on this Episode 100 Live-to-Stream, Robby and the Speed UTV…

Livestreaming the Baja 1000

Starlink is rapidly changing the broadcast options of off-road racing. I guess the real question is who wants to watch 1000+hp trophy trucks raging through the desert for 24 hours?

Stadium Super Trucks scores a win with Cleetus Mcfarland at the Grand Prix of Long Beach

Where ever Robby Gordon takes Stadium Super Trucks, the goal is simple. Win the weekend. Win the social, physical, and emotional contest. This year’s Long beach got the added boost of youtube personality garrett_1320video and turned into one of the most epic weekends of racing which included a young 13-year-old, son of Robby Gordon claiming not only his first podium but a race win during the first race of…

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Everything you need to know about interchangeable parts for off-road race cars and beyond.

Another Informative episode with Robby Gordon as he shares how his Dakar Rally Experience shaped the development of the upcoming Speed UTV line of high-performance UTV’s. If you have an hour or so, the episode is very interesting from an engineering perspective, with Gordon highlighting events from the recently completed Dakar Rally with the Prodrive BRX Dakar Rally machine and Sebastien Loeb.

Livestream Unicorns

Livestreaming sells!

Chasing the Unicorn

We had the opportunity to shoot the maiden race of the freshly configured 4×4 Trophy Truck of Robby Gordon. While an early driveshaft yolk setback took them out of contention for the day, the Unicorn made it to the finish without any other challenges. On-board the Unicorn

Livestream Unicorns

Livestream unicorns