Some 3d renders while at Hendrick Motorsports. Used 3ds Max to cover NASCAR car model with fabric to simulate car cover.

Speed UTV. Designed for Earth. Episode 100

It’s been exactly 1000 days since Robby Gordon announced the Speed UTV project at the 2019 Sand Sports Super Show. In a Facebook and youtube series well over 100 videos long (including testing), Speed UTV has shared the covid challenging path to production in what will be the best UTV in the power sports industry.…

The Best of Everything to do in Charlotte (Modified from reddit r/charlotte)

Personal weekly shrine: Brooks Sandwich House in Noda. Cash only. Places to Eat/Drink: Optimist hall (bars and food options) Food Trucks Friday Night in the South End BBQ Sweet Lews BBQ (Poor location and atmosphere, take to go) Mac’s Speed Shop (BBQ, highly recommended) Lancaster’s BBQ (Cool, informal BBQ) Midwood Smokehouse Bar-bq king (Curbside service,…

Livestreaming the Baja 1000

Speed UTV UI Design

Sometimes UI is a web-based interface and sometimes it’s not.

Music City GP Showcar

A manual for modern life: 50 Cognitive Biases to be aware of so you can be the very best version of yourself.

This was posted by Elon Musk on Twitter, however, @elonmusk posted potatoes quality images. I found a link on imagur (reverse image search) that had much more readable images. It is an interesting post and relevant to everybody so I shared the high-quality link. It’s been one of my most-liked tweets. You can find me…

Stadium Super Trucks scores a win with Cleetus Mcfarland at the Grand Prix of Long Beach

Where ever Robby Gordon takes Stadium Super Trucks, the goal is simple. Win the weekend. Win the social, physical, and emotional contest. This year’s Long beach got the added boost of youtube personality garrett_1320video and turned into one of the most epic weekends of racing which included a young 13-year-old, son of Robby Gordon claiming…

Grand Prix of Long Beach Liveries

Winning April Fools

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Robby Gordon (@robbygordon) https://www.redditmedia.com/r/NASCAR/comments/ttvjm3/robby_gordon_to_make_his_nascar_return_at_watkins/?ref_source=embed&ref=share&embed=true It should have been a dead giveaway, being April 1st and all. Months after we shared the impromptu cell phone video of Robby Gordon declaring his return to NASCAR it appears people will believe anything these days.

“Fuck you, it’s the Internet internet buddy…”

Years ago I took the cover photo of this post of Jesse James at an off-road race and really thought nothing of it other than to dump it on my Flickr page along with all the other shots from that weekend. Several years later I was browsing the West Coast Choppers website of Jesse James…

A Tale of Two Baja 1000 Cuts

An experiment with two different one minute intros to test the YouTube algorithm. If you follow Mr. Beast you might be aware of his obsession with the Youtube algorithm. The takeaway from all of his success is the first 30 seconds of any video. If viewer retention is greater than 70 percent to start off…