Live Streaming from Your Off-Road or Race Vehicle: The Ultimate Guide

The world of off-road and motorsports is more exciting than ever, and with the rise of live streaming, it’s now possible to share that excitement with a global audience. Whether competing in a UTV race, hitting the dunes in your sand car, or tackling the most challenging terrain in a rally raid, live streaming is a great way to bring your fans along. In this article, we’ll look at…

Gavin Harlien is the 2022 SST Champion

CHARLOTTE, NC (December 30, 2022) – It’s official – Gavin Harlien, driver of the VP Racing Fuels Truck, is the 2022 Stadium Super Trucks Series champion! The season began with the Grand Prix of Long Beach and ended at Bristol Motor Speedway, with Matthew Brabham starting as the defending champion. However, it was Harlien who took home the championship title after a thrilling season of racing, including wins at…

Ai Description & image of Stadium Super Trucks

Stadium Super Trucks, or SST, is a thrilling and action-packed motorsport that brings the excitement of off-road racing to the stadium. With their powerful engines, massive tires, and aerodynamic designs, these trucks are built to tackle the toughest obstacles and deliver heart-pounding action to fans. In an SST race, drivers must navigate a challenging and varied course that includes jumps, turns, and other obstacles. The trucks are designed to…

Sometimes it’s best to lay back and let others tell your story…

Bristol BTS

Behind the scenes at the Bristol Motor Speedway with Cleetus and Cars at the Bristol 1000.

What happened in Mid-Ohio?

Behind the Scenes with Stadium Super Trucks at Mid-Ohio with the Indy Car Series.

Grand Prix of Long Beach Liveries

Multicam Edit from Nashville

On-board with Robby Gordon at the Big Machine Music City Grand Prix in Nashville during race one. Complete race from three cameras, cut to the most interesting views using Davinci Resolve. Not racing action sped up for continuous viewing.

They’re Gonna Know

As we were preparing for the 2021 Music City Grand Prix, one of our conversations with the track revolved around sending out a press release about our participation in the event. The response from the track before the event was a direct “we don’t send out press releases for support series“, which inspired me to make this video. Needless to say for 2022 they had an entirely different approach.…

“Thanks, Bill”

BTS: St.Petersburg Stadium Super Trucks

Mad Max Gordon Makes His First Stadium Super Truck Start at Road America

Max Gordon, son of Robby Gordon, age 12, made his Stadium Super Truck debut in 2020 at Road America. The field included NASCAR Truck Series Champion Sheldon Creed, who also happens to be the two-time series champion in SST.