Scenes from the UTV World Championship Pro Turbo

Dialing in the Diablo

Robby Gordon continues his relentless pursuit of bring Speed UTV to market. This episode once again took place in Parker, AZ which provides plentiful opportunities for off-road vehicles. The El Diablo is Speed UTV’s foray into a 4 seat UTV that was made popular back when Gordon teamed up with Polaris to create the 4…

2020 Baja 1000 Race Recap Hugo Edition

The Hugo’s did a great job of compiling and shooting this Robby Gordon 2020 Baja 1000 recap video. Having been in the helicopter, they did a very nice job of blending the ground shots with the aerial footage I shot on the Sony AX53. There are more expensive cameras, but the inboard stabilization is pretty…

A billion spectators? The Dakar Rally and Its Global Reach!

I was on the coast in Southern Africa when I was introduced “as working for NASCAR.” As I began to explain, “No, not for NAS..” the other party said, “You mean like Robby Gordon?” They knew of NASCAR through the Dakar Rally. Years earlier Gordon had started infiltrating the global ranks, not for his prowess…

Ridin’ Dirty

This is one of my favorite videos I made and not for the production value. I think the opening shot I got from an off-limits location at Eldora did it for me. Plus Bubba in a cornfield.

How the Dakar Rally media has changed for the better

Watching this really well done Dakar highlights package reminded me of how far the media landscape has changed – especially amongst the current insurrection crisis. Back in 2006, the ASO did not allow the teams to ‘broadcast’ themselves. Every aspect of producing a video of the Dakar Rally back in those days was unheard of…

Speed UTV Glamis Test 4K


Desert Testing El Diablo