Speed UTV. Designed for Earth. Episode 100

It’s been exactly 1000 days since Robby Gordon announced the Speed UTV project at the 2019 Sand Sports Super Show. In a Facebook and youtube series well over 100 videos long (including testing), Speed UTV has shared the covid challenging path to production in what will be the best UTV in the power sports industry.

In his Asia tour on this Episode 100 Live-to-Stream, Robby and the Speed UTV team share excitement about craftmanship, the challenges of covid quarantine, and much more. We have unprecedently shared the concepts, renderings, prototype, testing, and pre-production now the never seen before final production parts, which will define the utility terrain vehicle market.

A huge thank you to all who have watched, supported, purchased, and shared the Speed UTV vision. You won’t be disappointed. Learn More at https://speedutv.com

The Speed UTV concept was born in Baja, Mexico, engineered in the United States, and manufactured using a wide array of global partners (1AU). Designed for Earth.