Speed Stack

I’m proud to have been a part of the development of the speed UTV stack, which includes robbygordonoffroad.com, speed tools, and speed energy. Using WordPress multi-sites on an AWS EC2 server, I brought these sites together and funneled them into speedutv.com. I played a vital role in the design and functionality of the site, including handling backend and frontend development, graphics, logos, photography, copywriting, and video production. My efforts…

Photos: SST at Bristol with Cleetus McFarland

Some photography from Cleetus and Cars at the Bristol Motor Speedway.

“It’s the Internet…”

Years ago I took the cover photo of this post of Jesse James at an off-road race and really thought nothing of it other than to dump it on my Flickr page along with all the other shots from that weekend. Several years later I was browsing the West Coast Choppers website of Jesse James and noticed they were using my image as the cover shot on their web…

Mad Max Gordon Makes His First Stadium Super Truck Start at Road America

Max Gordon, son of Robby Gordon, age 12, made his Stadium Super Truck debut in 2020 at Road America. The field included NASCAR Truck Series Champion Sheldon Creed, who also happens to be the two-time series champion in SST.

Beijing with Stadium Super Trucks and Chevrolet



Black & White Hero Cards

The Longshot

Virtual to Reality We have always evangelized the virtual to reality pathway in motorsports. But the truth is it still requires resources. Since we put together the longshot proposal while working with Rev Racing, the NASCAR diversity program has seen success since the inception of the academy style team which we piloted. The Longshot: Fueling Dreams from SpeedWyze Drivers including Bubba Wallace and Kyle Larson, along with Daniel Saurez…

Hero card for a hero

A hero card created for then 17yr old Bubba Wallace while driving for the NASCAR diversity program called Revolution Racing.

Covering the Dakar Rally. Multi-day, back to back Run and Gun Projects

This collection is from a youtube playlist that only contains Dakar Rally from Africa (and the Central Europe Rally.) I’ll add South America Dakar later. The pic to the left was taken in Néma, Mauritania, back in 2006. Two years later the organizers would relocate the Dakar Rally to South America. Currently the Rally is been run in Saudi Arabia Perhaps one day it can come to the United…

Preditor: Scenes from NASCAR Hometracks (Now NASCAR Roots)

Revitalizing the NASCAR K&N Series: Unleashing the Power of Video Production and Editing In the world of stock car racing, there exists a crucial stepping stone just below the prestigious NASCAR Cup, Xfinity, and Trucks series. This is where aspirations collide with financial realities, and dreams either soar to greatness or fade away into obscurity. Welcome to the NASCAR K&N Series, a fierce battleground where talent alone is not…