The Longshot

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Virtual to Reality

2010 NASCAR Drive for Diversity Combine

We have always evangelized the virtual to reality pathway in motorsports. But the truth is it still requires resources. Since we put together the longshot proposal while working with Rev Racing, the NASCAR diversity program has seen success since the inception of the academy style team which we piloted.

Drivers including Bubba Wallace and Kyle Larson, along with Daniel Saurez are now running amongst the field in the NASCAR Cup Series.

There is still opportunity, not just for the minority focus of the NASCAR diversity program. The idea strikes more to the roots of motorsports. It lowers the entry rung on the ladder, and 2020 with pandemic and all saw the breakout of Sim Racing on iRacing as the networks clamored for content while the earth was on shutdown.

Both the World of Outlaws, NASCAR, and others swiftly responded by organizing races and content. Races made it to prime time on network channels. The sim racing surge began.

But now what. The process needs to be incentivized. Real experiences need to be attainable by demonstrating skill. A kid should be able to take a marketing proposal to a local business and get enough to buy a wheel, a pc and create their own team. Public events where you can see drivers head to head should be held at malls and GameStops around the country.

The ecosystem needs to be complete, with NASCAR, Indycar or any other sanctioning body helping provide opportunities to racers that have developed the mental aptitude to complete on a high level online.

How can this happen?

William Byron performed the virtual to real story and is now driving for Hendrick Motorsports in the No. 24 machines.