Stadium Super Trucks scores a win with Cleetus Mcfarland at the Grand Prix of Long Beach

Where ever Robby Gordon takes Stadium Super Trucks, the goal is simple. Win the weekend. Win the social, physical, and emotional contest. This year’s Long beach got the added boost of youtube personality garrett_1320video and turned into one of the most epic weekends of racing which included a young 13-year-old, son of Robby Gordon claiming not only his first podium but a race win during the first race of the weekend.

The second race exceeded my wildest expectations. We got to know Cleetus (Garret) through a test session at the Robby Gordon Motorsports proving track in Charlotte, North Carolina – just off the 77 and 485 freeway. My prediction after watching Cleetus was he was wrecking. While at the test session he was up on two frequently and at Long Beach that can be an issue.

Long beach is a tight, technical street course. The increased speed had me peg Cleetus for my initial take on Jake Paul. After spinning the first race Cleetus Mcfarland took his helmet-mounted GoPro footage and went to school.

Race two, his third time in the truck the ole Cleeter gave everybody a run for their money. Benefiting from finishing towards the rear the day before he started upfront. Robby Gordon ran second so he was coming from the rear. The end result was amazing head-to-head racing where Mcfarland proved he was a fast learner. Between the last jump and the finish line, his adrenaline kept his foot in it and he drove his truck into the wall.

Race One

Building our series to the point that we can stream to our stakeholders digital channels. Here we were on Cleetus’s live channel for both races with excellent reach.

Race Two

Cleetus was a fast study. It was amazing to watch him from his first test to his weekend’s final race. For certain he used that GoPro to study and also did an excellent job of listening to all the advice thrown at him.

Cleetus Wrap Up

You have racecar drivers that are striving to be influencers. And then you have influencers becoming race car drivers and the industry better watch out for Cleetus because he has some talent, but he can drive engagement like no other. Needless to say, Cleetus was stocked as this video was edited and posted the evening of the 2nd race. One of the best-edited videos I’ve seen by a driver. He is editing in his own mind. He is always shooting. He had no crew with him.

Cleetus Announcement

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