A manual for modern life: 50 Cognitive Biases to be aware of so you can be the very best version of yourself.

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Fundamental Attribution Error

We judge others on their personality or fundamental character, but we judge ourselves on the situation.

Sally is late to class; she’s lazy. You’re late to class; it was a bad morning.

Self-Serving Bias

Our Failures are situational, but our successes are our responsibility.

You won that award due to hard work rather than help or luck. Meanwhile, you failed a test because you hadn’t gotten enough sleep.

In-Group Favoritism

We favor people who are in our in-group as opposed to an out-group.

Francis is in your church, so you like Francis more than Sally.

Bandwagon Effect

Ideas, fads, and beliefs grow as more people adopt them.

Sally believes fidget spinners help her children. Francis does, too.


Due to a desire for conformity and harmony in the group, we make irrational decisions, often to minimize conflict.

Sally wants to go get ice cream. Francis wants to ship for T0shirts. You suggest getting T-shirts with pictures of ice cream on them