Chasing the Unicorn

We had the opportunity to shoot the maiden race of the freshly configured 4×4 Trophy Truck of Robby Gordon. While an early driveshaft yolk setback took them out of contention for the day, the Unicorn made it to the finish without any other challenges. On-board the Unicorn

Covering the Dakar Rally. Multi-day, back to back Run and Gun Projects

This collection is from a youtube playlist that only contains Dakar Rally from Africa (and the Central Europe Rally.) I’ll add South America Dakar later. The pic to the left was taken in Néma, Mauritania, back in 2006. Two years later the organizers would relocate the Dakar Rally to South America. Currently the Rally is been run in Saudi Arabia Perhaps one day it can come to the United…

Robby Gordon taking masks to new levels.

Qualifying is about to go down for the Best in the Desert Vegas to Reno off-road race. Gordon is breaking out the unicorn with its very own mask.

Robby’s Uprising

If you watch to the end you’ll see the old Robby’s Uprising logo. I’m pretty sure we were doing social media before social media. Thanks, ning.

The Daytona Road Coarse is coming.

Preditor: Scenes from NASCAR Hometracks (Now NASCAR Roots)

Revitalizing the NASCAR K&N Series: Unleashing the Power of Video Production and Editing In the world of stock car racing, there exists a crucial stepping stone just below the prestigious NASCAR Cup, Xfinity, and Trucks series. This is where aspirations collide with financial realities, and dreams either soar to greatness or fade away into obscurity. Welcome to the NASCAR K&N Series, a fierce battleground where talent alone is not…

Livestream Unicorns

Livestream unicorns

Red Bull does in fact give you wings.

Red Bull’s slogan was “Gives you wings“. This was their slogan for over 20 years until one consumer, Benjamin Careathers, decided to sue the company for ‘false advertising’, arguing that after 10 years drinking Red Bull he neither had wings nor any enhanced athletic or intellectual performance. Robby Gordon begs to differ. I shot this photo out a Glamis with an Olympus C2100UZ, which was my second digital camera ever. I remember wanting to…

Scenes from Bristol

Going through some the old footage that I shot for NASCAR Hometracks (now dubbed NASCAR Roots) if found this shoot and edit. Looking back at all my old videos I wish they had less music and more natural sounds. One of the things @planetrobby and myself have learned with motorsports videos through Stadium Super Trucks is music kills views. This one was not terrible. The part that got me…

A big day for Bubba.

Bubba’s first words to me while working with Revolution Racing (now Rev Racing) were: You’re my new PR bitch. A confident 6413 day old Darrell Wallace Jr. Wrong I told him. You’re your new PR bitch. I was right.

My first video edit.

We had developed a relationship with Micron through racing in Baja. Micron had joined the team for the 2007 Dakar. Long before gopro, Micron created an onboard recording system with a moving screen that cleared the path for the lens. Pretty innovative for the time. This was my first edit while trying to find solutions to become the first team on the Dakar rally to broadcast themselves. At the…

Helicopter footage from Robby Gordon’s 2006 Baja 1000 Win