Video Production Videography

My first video edit.

We had developed a relationship with Micron through racing in Baja. Micron had joined the team for the 2007 Dakar.

Long before gopro, Micron created an onboard recording system with a moving screen that cleared the path for the lens. Pretty innovative for the time.

This was my first edit while trying to find solutions to become the first team on the Dakar rally to broadcast themselves.

At the time (and currently) the ASO worked hard to extract every dollar from the teams and when they tried to extract broadcast fees from our team, we decided to brand the productions as video race reports.

I believe they still got us on the data though.

Here is one of my favorites from the entire race.


Helicopter footage from Robby Gordon’s 2006 Baja 1000 Win

Not sure what I shot this on but it really is amazing how far technology has progressed from just 14 years ago.
Video Production Videography

The unicorn. 2006.

Ironically the very first video I ever posted to youtube. This is the same chassis that has now been converted to the 4×4 Unicorn.