Where should I host my Multisite WordPress site?

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Unless you plan on hosting a conspiracy theory website we recommend hosting your WordPress site on Amazon Web Services.

The process can be a little daunting. However, there are plenty of resources available, especially youtube. The setup time may vary, but we believe it is the right path for sites that plan to expand.

Essentially the goal is to launch your own instance (cloud-based server) and combine that with Cloudflare and you will have a website complete with SSL, hosting, and speed for about $10 per month.

If you are a glutton for punishment you can skip the Cloudflare step and dig deeper into AWS offerings, but coming from one that still knows very little about enterprise full-stack web development – this was the fastest step.

We are going to share how to set up your own instance on Amazon Web Services for the same reasons everybody else is doing it, such as the now-defunct Parler.

Having control of your own platform (with the very nuanced approach to abiding by common-sense rules) is the way to go. Ask the Trump campaign who just had their propaganda cash grab store shutdown by Shopify. I bet they wished they were running their own e-commerce platform, such as the highly extensible, SEO friendly Woocommerce.

When searching for WordPress hosting it is very easy to ‘stumble’ into search results that rank WordPress hosting, however, most of those services, while simplifying the process, more than likely get their bandwidth through AWS (looking at you Godaddy)

Their objective is to get you on their drip. Skip that step and research your own cloud-based server – In amazon’s case, you could google “how do is set up my own ec2 instance with bitnami WordPress multisite and you will be golden.

You can do it!