NASCAR and DeFi are a match made in heaven.

You are going to start seeing a lot of DeFi paint schemes coming down the pipe. If you are confused about the DeFi revolution, essentially Bitcoin is approaching (some say has) mass adoption.

With political upheaval, an uncertain dollar, and the increasing scarcity of bitcoins as the markets are beginning to hedge on the BTC.

What that means the payment infrastructure is on the brink of shifting to something much more transparent, integrated, and barring nefarious intentions should continue in that direction.

The DeFi world is still developing but there are going to be winners and losers. At this moment brand recognition matters in the DeFi world as many alt currencies which tie to bitcoin and serve as similar financial instruments such as loans and investing, are trying to make a name for themelves.

The implications are huge for everybody involved. If you’ve watched a live youtube video and watched tips coming in you know content is on the verge of changing.

One content crypto is Brave with the BAT altcoin. NASCAR could easily monetize online viewing and rewards. This is what Alex Meshkin and Bang Racing had in mind, only too many years too early.

NASCAR on the other hand made a bet. The pivotal moment surrounded Bubba Wallace as the entire community embraced him (majority) and NASCAR showed true leadership in the face of the obstacles. In a sense NASCAR won the election. And now they will reap the rewards of the DeFi movement and in turn NASCAR will rise.

Put money on it.

Curious about DeFi and Bitcoin?

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