Full Circle. Kyle Larson: From Drive for Diversity to Indy 500 Contender

After a rainy first day, it was all sunshine and fast cars at Langley Speedway in Hampton, VA, as the 2011 Drive for Diversity Combine concluded with 26 talented drivers participating in on-track testing. This event marked the arrival of a young Kyle Larson to the NASCAR scene.

I remember the buzz around Kyle Larson, especially from the Revolution Racing crew. At 6:30 in the video below, Jefferson Hodges, the team manager, remarked, “Very impressive. I understand why he’s on Speed Sport every week.”

Within two laps, Kyle Larson ran two-tenths faster than the other 25 drivers on the .395-mile speedway. In short track terms, that was all day.

There was a lot of promise that day. Now, with Kyle Larson in the right combination of equipment and crew, he is starting to dominate the season. Currently running in the Indy series, Larson has a strong chance of winning the pole and is definitely expected to start in the front two rows. His journey from the Drive for Diversity Combine to becoming an Indy 500 contender is truly remarkable.

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