Born in Baja: Full Race

The Unicorn, Robby Gordon’s no-holds-barred trophy truck, is arguably the most famous off-road truck in the Baja Peninsula and the world. It also serves as the genesis for the Speed UTV brand of side-by-side designed to be the best utility terrain vehicle in the Powersports industry.

We share every minute of our GoPro Hero 9’s capture in an epic two-part upload. We captured over 22 hours of the race until the cameras stopped recording.

Race Drivers and Navigators

RM1 – RM 225 – Robby Gordon/Max Gordon

RM 225 – RM 470: Steve Strobel/Christian Stroble

RM 470 – 650: Casey Mears/Casey Jefferies

RM 650 – 1226: Robby Gordon/Max Gordon

We mounted four cameras, a front, rear, side view, and over-the-shoulder. This Multicam edit is the first 11 hours of the race.

Enjoy our race.

GoPro 9 Protune Settings 1080P 24FPS (Settings to get maximum recording time) Lens: Wide HyperSmooth: Boost on Bitrate: High Shutter: Auto EV comp: -1 Sharpen: Medium Color: Flat RAW audio: High White Balance: 5500k Wind Reduction: off Iso Min 100 Max 3200 Camera Equipment GoPro Hero 9: GoPro 9 Power door: GoPro 9 Wind Noise Reduction: GoPro 9 Hardwire kit: Sandisk 512GB SD cards: Roll Bar Mounts: Links

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