YouTube and a Tale of Two Baja 1000 Cuts

An experiment with two different one minute intros to test the YouTube algorithm.

If you follow Mr. Beast you might be aware of his obsession with the Youtube algorithm.

The takeaway from all of his success is the first 30 seconds of any video. If viewer retention is greater than 70 percent to start off the video you’ll have far greater success.

The first edit we posted on the Stadium Super Truck channel which has 150k subscribers. The second edit is basically the same video with some sections rearranged. We posted this to Robby Gordon’s son, Max Gordon’s channel which at the time had only 1000 subscribers.

On the second video, we did away with the animation and moved that to the end of the video. In its place, we cut to the chase with the most compelling video from the race which was the Unicorn Trophy truck going off the track. Then proceeded to recap the race as quickly as possible.

You’ll see from the results that the second video is performing better. With 230k views versus 161k views as of 1/8/2022. In addition, the second video was posted to our Stadium Super Truck channel with over 1 million followers and has accrued over 250k views.

As a result, Max’s channel has grown over 1000 subscribers and the next closest viewed video on his channel has 11k views. His channel is now eligible for monetization.

First Edit

Second Edit

BC Edition

Facebook Upload

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