Mad Max Gordon Makes His First Stadium Super Truck Start at Road America

Max Gordon, son of Robby Gordon, age 12, made his Stadium Super Truck debut in 2020 at Road America. The field included NASCAR Truck Series Champion Sheldon Creed, who also happens to be the two-time series champion in SST.

Beijing with Stadium Super Trucks and Chevrolet

Everything you need to know about interchangeable parts for off-road race cars and beyond.

Another Informative episode with Robby Gordon as he shares how his Dakar Rally Experience shaped the development of the upcoming Speed UTV line of high-performance UTV’s. If you have an hour or so, the episode is very interesting from an engineering perspective, with Gordon highlighting events from the recently completed Dakar Rally with the Prodrive BRX Dakar Rally machine and Sebastien Loeb.

Where should I host my Multisite WordPress site?

Unless you plan on hosting a conspiracy theory website we recommend hosting your WordPress site on Amazon Web Services. The process can be a little daunting. However, there are plenty of resources available, especially youtube. The setup time may vary, but we believe it is the right path for sites that plan to expand. Essentially the goal is to launch your own instance (cloud-based server) and combine that with…

A billion spectators? The Dakar Rally and Its Global Reach!

I was on the coast in Southern Africa when I was introduced “as working for NASCAR.” As I began to explain, “No, not for NAS..” the other party said, “You mean like Robby Gordon?” They knew of NASCAR through the Dakar Rally. Years earlier Gordon had started infiltrating the global ranks, not for his prowess on the once-popular NASCAR circuit. It was his bravado and vehicles from the ASO…

Ridin’ Dirty

This is one of my favorite videos I made and not for the production value. I think the opening shot I got from an off-limits location at Eldora did it for me. Plus Bubba in a cornfield.

How the Dakar Rally media has changed for the better

Watching this really well done Dakar highlights package reminded me of how far the media landscape has changed – especially amongst the current insurrection crisis. Back in 2006, the ASO did not allow the teams to ‘broadcast’ themselves. Every aspect of producing a video of the Dakar Rally back in those days was unheard of for a team. Any attempt was basically met with extortion. We cleared those hurdles…

Concept to Reality. It looked good from a distance but did anybody really see it up close?

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